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My bounce rate is 100%. What does that mean?

I have a small business and a little website. I`m just trying to understand. My bounce rate changes daily, but today I had 7 views and my bounce rate is 100%. What does that mean? Are users not reaching my site? There is not much to do on my site but look at photos, fill out a form to request a quote, and make a call or send a text. Do I have to ban all my competitors, ban Yelp, ban something else? How would I know if someone is manipulating my website. 90% of my business comes from Yelp and Google. Help me understand how I can protect my website. Is there a service that can monitor my website for threats? Today is one of the busiest days of the week for me.

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  • Craig Johnstone: Bounce rate means they get to your site then immediately go elsewhere
  • David Kutcher: No, not necessarily. It could mean they stayed on that page, without generating an interaction event, for over 30 minutes. It could mean they got what they wanted, such as your phone number, and had no need to go further. It could mean they followed a link on your site offsite to your social media pages. It could mean lots of things.
  • Craig Johnstone: David Kutcher true.. I beg down to the educated.
  • Tim Capper: It also depends on what page they bounced from - contact page, you normally expect a high bounce - home page, not so great.If there is such a high bounce rate because they viewed all there is to see , then thats fine - perhaps create a secondary page to move to, an Info page or better call to action.Dont worry about a couple of competitors coming to your site and leaving - 1) it wont affect the site 2) if they have nothing better to do, then thats not what I would call competition
  • David Kutcher: This metric, at this quantity of traffic, is essentially meaningless. The sample size is simply too small. But in the meantime understand more about Bounce Rate: https://www.confluentforms.com/.../bounce-rate-analytics...
  • David Gizzarelli: Thanks for your feedback
  • Perry Bernard: Bounce rate data is one of the worst metrics to make any judgement from, especially when the traffic volume is so small. Even very successful or busy sites usually have bounce rates that aren`t entirely reliable, because of the way Google defines what a bounce is. There are some ways (such as adding various event measurement to your pages) that can help you define a more true bounce rate, but right now your issue is more about generating traffic. Don`t worry about bounce caused by bots or competitors. That`s not an attack on your site. If you are worried about site security, this is a whole different matter and GA Bounce is not the metric that matters for making a call on that. Also don`t start banning users from your site based on bounce stats - it may do way more damage than good - like for example if you accidentally banned Google.Bottom line: worry about generating more quality traffic through whatever channels make sense to you`re business and your budget.

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