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Migration Question!

Migration Question!! Hey guys I have a client that has a new site going live. at present they have only re-published 40 or so of their old blogs in the new site. They have a lot more than that (1000 other URLs), but are not going to publish these on the new site until a later date. What should I do with all the existing old URLs? Redirect them directly to the blog homepage until they are ready or something else?
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  • Neil Cheesman: Have the old urls been removed? Begs the question - why could the old urls not have been kept online until the new ones were ready? (appreciate this may not always be possible with CMS)
  • Martin McGuire: Haha I feel your pain! Thanks Steve. That makes sense, appreciate the advice.
  • Steve Gerencser: If they are going dormant (not on any website) until some future later date, then any value that they may have will be lost rather quickly. If you aren`t going to move them now then I would look at rewriting all of them as new content. Combine and condense common topics into killer high-level content.
  • Steve Gerencser: I hate when hitting enter posts automatically. If you redirect them all to the home page and then in the future change the redirect to the original content on the new site you will again lose almost all value that the page may have had. Redirecting them all to the homepage of the blog also loses a significant amount of value since the topic will most likley change.

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