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Lost rankings after implementing new design.

Hi I have a problem, made a new design for a website, rankings were all good when we finished the design then checked again a few days (maybe 4-5) after the new design had been put up and all the page 1 rankings had plummeted to page 5 or worse, some not even in top 100 rankings. Cant figure out what we`ve missed:

On page content same - check
Meta tags - check
Backlinks - check
Permalinks of pages - check

Is there something else? :(

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  • Justin Y: Have you checked the site in analytics and compared the time on site, page views, bounce rate, etc? If you didn`t change anything but the design, Id check the following if it were me. Your new design might not be as friendly as the old one. I think it would be wise to check this.
  • Weblinx: Sounds to me like something onsite isn`t right, it`s now just about identifying the problem. David, it may be worth you downloading a tool such as Screaming Frog and running your site through that and see if it crawls it correctly. Look for anything that stands out to you.<br /><br />It`s difficult for any of us to tell you what`s wrong without seeing the website, so just keep an eye out for any recommendations from people and see if they help, hopefully someone helps you find the problem.
  • Sławomir Zdunek: Hi, as far as I remember + said in one of his hangouts that this kind of situation can happen after the redesign of the website. If you have changed only the design without any other big changes the website should regain its previous position after some time. Or it is also possible that the redesign concidented with something else. Maybe your competition got down to work and came up with better content. That`s my guess.
  • Justin Y: + it could be a matter of time, it could be that you have had some good backlinks fall off, it could be that the redesign isn`t as fully optimized, it could be Google. It`s really hard to say what the cause may be without being able to fully analyze your website. .

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