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Kenneth has a new client, a branding company and he has an SEO question

Hi guys! I have a new client, which is a branding company by promoting different products and they also offer an SEO/Web Design services. Is this a good idea in SEO? Please check the link www.c-mb.codotuk

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  • Kenneth Villegas:  ;sorry again Jim! I forgot.. I already replaced it with a disabled linkl..:)
  • Jim Munro: Yes - you are right - I was answering on another page. Luckily I checked this one first. :)
  • Kenneth Villegas: then, can you help me with this question?:D
  • Simon Fryer: Hi Kenneth, can you rephrase your question a bit? Is what a good idea? Offering both branding and design/seo? ;
  • Kenneth Villegas: I mean, is it a good idea? Because they provide promotional products..
  • Simon Fryer: Ok, I think I&#39;ve got the gist of it. ;<br /><br />There&#39;s nothing wrong with offering a variety of related services, but I don&#39;t think promotional products/branding and SEO really stack up well together.<br /><br />Very different skill sets are needed to do each one well and I don&#39;t see much synergy between the services. A company should only sell SEO if they know how to do it effectively, rather than just because a client wants it. Otherwise they risk misselling and letting people down. ;<br /><br />Is this the kind of answer you were looking for? ;
  • Ranu Jain: Yes definitely. You can optimize all the main sections and the category pages. ;Social Media will be another great thing to do. You can promote their products through social networking platforms.
  • Kenneth Villegas:  ;yes, that&#39;s the answer that I&#39;m looking for Simon! That&#39;s why I told him that they should separate the SEO/Web Design services to another website right? Instead, they should only focus on promotional products. Have you visited the site?
  • Kenneth Villegas: Actually, they just recently added the SEO/Web Design services because they need to find out first if it works..
  • Simon Fryer: Ah, glad to hear I&#39;m on the money!<br /><br />Many businesses try to add SEO to their services just because it&#39;s in demand. Very often there&#39;s a misconception about what it takes to carry out SEO, and because of it businesses can be mis-sold to and essentially ripped off (even if that&#39;s not the intention). <br /><br />My advice would be that if they insist on selling SEO they should find a good partner to fulfil the work at first, learn how they do it, and then bring it in house once they are sure they can deliver for their clients. This will also help to generate the revenue needed to bring in someone with real expertise.
  • Simon Fryer: Ah, to follow up on whether or not to separate the websites - I would say yes, because each service will have a very different target audience 
  • Kenneth Villegas: I know about this but I just need other ;SEO&#39;s opinion regarding this issue as well.. Thanks for help!;-)
  • Ranu Jain: Oops Sorry Kenneth, I misunderstood your question here.<br /><br />Well here is my reply again, I would say there is no harm in selling different services but yes one should be expert in that before selling it. ;<br /><br />SEO has now become quite difficult. Google has made its algorithms very strong and strict. So, if you are not able to achieve results for your clients it will spoil your brand image. Would again say that don&#39;t offer anything that you can&#39;t serve perfectly.
  • Kenneth Villegas:  ;I couldn&#39;t agree more with your statement regarding &quot;I would say there is no harm in selling different services but yes one should be expert in that before selling it. &quot; Why would you sell a different niche service on a specific niche website? But, I agree if they sell another service/s if it related to their main service (promotional products). :-)

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