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IP based ban?

Hello to everyone,
I have a really dumb question but I cant find 100 % answer anythere else. So I had a big youtube channel, I was making money from adsense, but google decided to ban my adsense and my channel forever.
Now I have vision to start new business and I want to make SEO for my website by myself. If it will be Ok and it will not effect my website search results if I will use same laptop and IP to optimize my website, create content and turn on google analytics if my adsense and youtube is banned? I don`t want to work and later find out that google is putting my search results lower because of my IP wich is asociated with my website and google analytics. Maybe someone knows the right answer? Thanks guys

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  • Perry Bernard: Your browser ip is not associated with your website unless you host your website on a server at the same internet connection. Which I doubt you are doing if you are asking this Q.
  • Kęstutis Baranauskas: Thanks for the answer. Yes I will buy shared hosting so its not a problem. I have doubts is it good to do SEO from my old IP and Laptop if in the past my adsense account was banned. You see I need to associate my website with my google analytics account, maybe if they will see that google analytics account is from same IP as my old adsense account it will effect bad search results for my website?
  • Kęstutis Baranauskas: The problem is that - can I associated my website with google analytics from same IP? can google somehow decide to change search results because in the past one youtube and adsense account was banned?
  • Michael Martinez: The YouTube and AdSense teams operate independently of the Web search team. You should be okay.

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