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International SEO question

International SEO questions - Here are some results from a FRENCH page for a client I`m auditing. This is the home page, but all internal pages have a similar discontinuity. Furthermore, other language/regions have similar issues.

Have I found a big issue, or is this just sloppy & harmless?
hreflang Tags: None
html lang Attribute - ENGLISH
Content-Language (meta http-equiv) - None identified
Content-Language (HTTP Header) - ENGLISH

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  • Dave Elliott: Sloppy but fine if the site is purely in French...means search engines have to work it out but they will. Especially if search console is set up properly or it sits on a .fr domain....if the site exists in multiple languages then it becomes a lot more serious.
  • Scott Clark: The site exists in many more languages as subfolders on a single global domain.
  • Dave Elliott: Then the lack of hreflang is criminal.
  • Scott Clark: I`m currently mining their insane sitemap for hreflang directives therein. I hate dynamic sitemap plugins.
  • Richard Hearne: Google doesn`t use <lang>. Their algos determine a page`s language purely based on the content of the page. Other search engines and automated consumers of your content may not treat it similarly to Google. If your client`s site has multiple language versions definitely check out HREFLANG.

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