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Inconsistent SERP position

My site is in the field of web services. It`s 2months that, despite the strong link and link building content, my website has a rating of50 to the top. It`s often not in the results list, and sometimes it`s on Google`s 5th page. Despite the implementation of SEO, the results do not change. What`s the problem ?
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  • Richard Hearne: Define "strong link and link building content"?
  • Web Mo: I mean the back link on the top DA sites
  • Richard Hearne: Which could have no value whatsoever. There`s no way to honestly answer your question based on info provided.
  • Stockbridge Truslow: Are you trying to compete locally? Or compete against the world? Keep in mind that if you`re trying to compete against the world - the field you are competing in consists of people who are experts at ranking things combined with the fact that there are also lots of them out there. Links are but one of several hundred elements that go into ranking a web site.

    Also, I can`t tell exactly from your post, but it seems like you are saying that your web site is now only 2 months old. A huge number of ranking factors take six months or longer to actually "kick in" and start working - with the real value of any inbound link being one of the things that takes a while. So, even if you are doing EVERYTHING else right and it`s really only the links that are holding you back, you`ve still got at least 4 months before any of those links really start to pack the punch they are going to have.
  • Allison Jay: Personally I found web design harder to rank than SEO services. It was a hard niche altogether.

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