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How to increase DA for my domain?

how to increase DA for my domain www. mogazmasr .com
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  • Ronnie Lawson-Jones: Don`t focus on raising a third party metric, focus on improving your website for your users
  • Kalam Laziz: i write great content and good for on-page . but ranking is down ! how visitors will see me when i rank ( 3 page google ) other websites rank higher with copied content > because have backlinks ( comments - guest post ) but how can i do this !!
  • Gerry White: Raising your DA is great for selling more links - other than that, my goto vanity metric is Sistrix visibility Seriously - good content is the best first steps, but in addition, use what you know to write on other peoples sites (I am not talking about guest blog type sites) If you can write good content for a company in your niche, you will be able to get good backlinks, Can you offer resources or other assets that people would want to link to ? Unfortunately getting true links the whitehat way just isn`t always feasable
  • David Morgan: For the quick answer, Social Media works wonders for that solution.

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