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How do you exactly use long tail keywords?

How do you exactly use long tail keywords in your seo campaign

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  • Parm Sandhu: "how do you exactly use long tail keywords" this is long tail
  • Alan Bleiweiss: You don`t. Instead you: Focus on writing content that communicates information specific to the products or services being offered, in a way that is naturally human readable. Focus on "answering all the questions" that arise from people looking for those offerings. Focus on organizing that content in ways that are intuitive for site visitors, and don`t inject any friction in visitors gaining access to that content. Focus on finding a balance in providing enough content on individual pages to be truly helpful specific to the primary focus of those pages, while not having so much content on individual pages to cause dilution of the primary topic, and where it`s not overwhelming for visitors. If you do all of those things, you will naturally build exponential volume of long tail phrase optimization without forcing any of it.
  • Adam John Humphreys: Yes, you do look at keyword research because you can 10x people writing exactly that much more than you with well thought out content. You can also consider semantic content and really build it out. It better be real meaningful content with complete value worth sharing though or people will just bounce. A ranking site with 0 value has no presence. It`s just dust in the eye
  • Steve Wiideman: AdWords search term reports, optimize for what converts, improve Quality Score, lower CPAs, lower CPCs, pump more data, build more content, repeat.
  • Sho Odwa: Thanks guys for your input

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