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Guest Post (Outreach) Question

Guest Post (Outreach) Question:

Is it kosher to submit a blog article to several blogs as unique content, and give the first to accept publishing rights?

I`ve just started content marketing via guests posts, and want to avoid burning bridges.

What`s the best approach for submitting posts while respecting the editors?

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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Zoe M Hughes: Submit ideas/blog outlines for consideration. Then they can make sure it`s right for their target audience and content marketing strategy. Saves you doing the hard work until you have a definite go ahead.
  • Chris Castillo: Let`s say that you did that, and you submitted the same idea/blog outline to 10 different publications where it would be a great fit for their target audience. If 3 of those publications showed interest in your blog idea/outline, then you can only choose one to publish the article. How do you handle the other 2 that you need to turn down?
  • Zoe M Hughes: Rewrite the same core content to suit each target audience. Every business and website has a different demographic they`re targeting. There`s lots of ways to re-purpose the same content
  • Chris Castillo: Zoe M Hughes ... Thanks Zoe. :)
  • Khurram Aziz: Yeah, the fact that the other sites showed interest in your work, mean they want content from you. However, i can`t imagine doing a "switcharoo" for a re-written article, that`s not the same won`t be noticed. I don`t normally submit whole articles, but pitch articles and see what interest there is before i begin writing. THis keeps things flexible as to what i eventually write and for whom
  • Chris Castillo: Thanks Zoe & Khurram. I decided to go ahead and pitch only 3 sites the article that I had already pre-written. It was a really well-written article with lots of good content. I figured that there assuming a 30% conversion on my pitches was probably very optimistic (LOL), so I thought that was "safe". Luckily, I had one site pick up the article and won a backlink from a DA 61 site. 🙌

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