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Google Plus is shutting down

Is it true that Google plus is shutting down due to massive data exposure?

Since, few clients get a decent amount of traffic from it could it hamper their rankings?

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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Joanna Jana Laznicka: Yes it is true, they are taking 10 months before they shut it down.
  • Michael Martinez: It is doubtful anyone`s rankings will change much if at all.
  • Karl Singh: https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-45792349
  • Jim Munro: Since Vic Gundotra left, there was nobody left with vision to run the store and no management enthusiasm to find anyone. Changes in the interim have been more or less confined to decoupling G+ even to the extent of disabling basic communication functions. I don`t think they`re shutting down G+ because of a security breach, the writing has been on the wall for years. Their intention has always been perfectly clear. G+ was initially intended to be Google`s Facebook killer; today they said, "You win."
  • Jobin John: Jim Munro Little confused. When it says it will remain open for enterprises does that mean the brand accounts created are safe? Or is that for corporates like big names only
  • Jim Munro: I don`t think so but I don`t know, Jobin John.
  • Linda Caplinger: break out the champagne!
  • Tim Capper: So this is pretty shit news, its been a long time coming, but still crap news. Long live the +
  • Neil Cheesman: I wonder if they will leave the current content there - or simply remove it... and I assume Google My Business is safe? for now...
  • Perry Bernard: GMB is not under threat - it`s not G+, not that I`m the authority on this, but I`d say GMB is a product that`s core to Google`s future, unlike G+, which as a social network, completely failed.
  • Michael Martinez: The content will eventually be taken offline. People will have a chance to save it.
  • Perry Bernard: Michael Martinez I think closedown is in 9 months?
  • Michael Martinez: Perry Bernard Give or take.
  • Perry Bernard: Jobin John, actually, I`m curious, are you sure the referrals your clients got were from G+ and what true commercial value did that deliver to them? Not asking about traffic. I mean actual sales, leads, signups etc.

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