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Expanding business to another area without physical location

Schema Question

I have a client who offers catering services. They cater at specific venues (say 4 or 5). They have issues with optimizing for those locations since they don`t have a physical presence there. They`re working on adding content to the site and utilizing their partnerships for better representation on their site, link-building, etc.

I`m wondering if there is any FoodEstablishment or Service schema that would be good to add to their catering services page? Something that would call-out to the fact that they cater in this area, at these locations. Does anyone know of something like that or have any recommendations?

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  • Michael Martinez: I`m not sure if there would be any advantage to using schema because I don`t know of any major SERP features where such markup could be used. If they are only catering to a small number of locations then their own native search function doesn`t need that kind of markup. I don`t know if they can create a page for each venue and use appropriate schema markup there. I guess if, say, a ticketing Website could do that then there is no reason why your client couldn`t do it. But if no external tools use that markup it`s wasted effort.

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