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Enabling CNAME to sub-domain

Affiliate ticket-selling website `brand.com`:

(Ticket bookings provided on behalf of the affiliate site)
Ticket supplier number 1. ticket supplier has enabled a CNAME to sub-domain - ie tickets.brand.com

Ticket supplier number 2. ticket supplier arguably has a better range of tickets BUT doesn`t enable a CNAME and all tickets bought via their own domain and sub-domain - ie as brand.ticketsupplier2.dot.com

Is number 2 a major seo/marketing downside by not enhancing brand name? - BUT... ticketsupplier2 has a substantial `good` reputation.

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  • Michael Martinez: There is no "SEO downside" to using a subdomain. Turn the question around and ask if there is any downside to using a subfolder. It makes no difference to the search engine. You can put the content on the root domain`s root URL, in a subfolder on a subdomain, or anywhere in-between. They are just URLs. For branding what matters is how memorable the URL is. Short, meaningful URLs are easier for people to remember (and share) than long, complicated URLs. Sometimes you create a more memorable URL with a subdomain. Sometimes you create a more memorable URL with a subfolder. And many times people just create random URLs that are hard to remember so it really doesn`t matter in the least whether they are on subdomains or subfolders or just embedded in root folders.
  • Neil Cheesman: Thanks - the question is (essentially) - using a sub-domain from the ticket supplier vs your own sub-domain.
  • Michael Martinez: Neil Cheesman In my opinion, I would use whichever subdomain was more memorable and more easily branded. But that could be an entirely subjective evaluation (six of one, half dozen of the other). Then it comes down to asthetics, personal pride, etc.

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