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An interview for SEO Manager position

Hello, Hope everyone is doing well!
A few days back I attended an interview for SEO Manager potion. They asked me a question which confuses me.

They gave me a website and asked me to do keyword research and take out strong competitors. I did what they asked. I gave them the list of keywords and Competitors. After that, They asked me to prove the keywords which I listed were right for their website. That is what confused me. I used tools to check the organic traffic and the potential keywords. I listed based on the terms they used on their website. But, they said it`s all wrong and wanted me to prove right? i apologize, if this is off the topic. But, I need your help. Help me with an answer. Thanks. Cheers:)
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  • Suresh Kumar: <div jsname="ndVxLd" data-id="z13rirxz1rymy1b3w223dp3yivunvlzjd04#1513832486862531"> They actually asked to check homepage in particular. So, I gave all the keywords which comes under their business category.
  • Suresh Kumar: <div jsname="ndVxLd" data-id="z13rirxz1rymy1b3w223dp3yivunvlzjd04#1513832382171732"> I used semrush to get the organic keywords report. I save that data and showed it when they asked for. Yet they wanted me to prove the data is accurate for their website.

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