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A "Christmas" keyword question

A `Christmas` question...
If the homepage is ranking for "Christmas xxx xxx" at position 12 on Google, would you think it better to make a separate page/url for "Christmas xxx xxx" or to add text to the homepage with an H2 heading?
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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Sam Mah: If the page is already ranking at 12, I will promote and aim for number one. Creating a new page doesn`t guarantee a good ranking. Right?
  • Neil Cheesman: That is my gut feeling...
  • Asif Yusuf: Nope improve the existing page you’ll lose your ranking completely otherwise
  • Eddie Nehani: I would suggest you optimize the existing page.
  • Ethan Lazuk: How relevant is that Christmas query to the homepage itself? Does it represent the homepage well, or is it one of twenty concepts on the page?
  • Neil Cheesman: It is an artist and while portraits can be given as Christmas presents, that is obviously only part of the annual workload. Christmas is mentioned once on the home page in the normal text - but this isn`t expanded into a section.
  • Ethan Lazuk: Oh, interesting. If that topic is relevant and users who search it are a good audience for the artist, you could test optimizing the homepage a little for it and monitor results. Based on that, it may be worth exploring a dedicated page, or maybe a page based on a longer-tail but related query.

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