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A copyright notice question

A copyright notice question.
Whether an artist or writer of your own work - is there a `best practice` how to display the copyright date in the footer on a website?
Should it be the current year or year from date or year from to dates? (ie when the content was first online)

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  • Perry Bernard: Not 100% sure, , and it probably varies from country to country, but I think the date is irrelevant. As far as I know, copyright is typically enduring.
  • Paul Thompson: A creative work is copyrighted as soon as it is created. So "best" is to have the notification cover the years of creation of all the different items on the site. So typically from year of site creation to current year.

    The notification is just a courtesy though - as says, the copyright protection applied by virtue of creation. It can only be waived by written agreement/license, or if it can proven that you haven`t taken basic efforts to protect it.

    IANAL, was a professional photographer for 20 yrs.
  • Tim Capper: I have noticed on a few artistic sites showing year first published to current year. 2007 - 2019
  • Gautam: this. It can increase credibility.
  • Neil Cheesman: I wonder if it has any seo value?
  • Gautam: I doubt it. Domain registration length could slightly.
  • Neil Cheesman: That is my thought - but I thought I would ask
  • Michael Stricker: if you want wider exposure, open up to Creative Commons public licensing... that others may use your work... the specify the “flavor” of license to require citation.

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