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Doc Sheldon


Retired business management consultant, turned SEO and content strategist.
Retired from the corporate world in 2005, after studying SEO since 2003; Always studying, trying to keep up with the changes, while practicing SEO and content strategy via Doc Sheldon`s Clinic, Top Shelf Copy and Intrinsic Value SEO. Author of various ebooks, including Critical Thinking for the Discerning SEO. Co-founder Top Shelf Copy andSearchQuirks. Editor of The Meld. Doc`s ebooks are available on Amazon.
Co-host of Level Headed Marketing, a bi-weekly Hangout video, highlighting international SEO and content issues. 
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English/Spanish bilingual, 35+ yrs. writing professionally. Member of Web Standards Group, Int`l. Webmasters Assoc., HTML Writers Guild, Internet Society & Nat`l. Assoc. of Publishers` Representatives.


1. Internet Marketing.

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2. Inbound Marketing.

One of the common errors I see is where something is seen to work well for once company/website/brand, so another tries to duplicate that technique for their own. With all the variables involved, what works beautifully for one may be counter-productive for another, even in a similar niche or location, even with a similar customer base or offering, site size notwithstanding.

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